Fun in the Boiling Mud: Lake Agco, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

Imagine boiling sulfuric mud and waters heated by the underground volcanic vents from the veins of the grand Mt. Apo gushing out to a mini lake and pools. It’s no “Dante’s Peak movie” scene, rather it's a haven for nature's cool and hot baths in the upland forests surrounding Lake Agco.

No swimming  at anytime. Lake Agco!
Dubbed as the Eden of Kidapawan City in North Cotabato, Lake Agco is home to natural lake of boiling sulfuric mud hot mud and water pools which make it a wonderland of cool weather and hot dips!
It was an unexpected return for me to the place that served as my resting ground before and after I completed my first solo guided climb to Mt. Apo in 2011. This time I was with wacky group of obedient office dudes and dudettes who, on one fateful day, decided to travel to breathe fresher air and get some dose of sun in the uplands of North Cotabato.

Lake Agco is located 1,250 meters above sea level in Ilomavis Village around 25 kilometers from the city proper of Kidapawan. The hot mud and water meet with cold water at this elevation level. Resorts managements combine the hot and cold to create pools and Jacuzzis with controlled temperature and fit for dipping and bathing.

Lake Agco is among the destinations sorted for “Dipping in Paradise” as part of the 12thParadise experiences and destinations in South Central Midanano or Region-12.

To the boiling playground

Girls just wanna have mud fun!


As with the boiling mud, there are plenty of things you can do. You can cool it down and cover your face and body with it for supposed therapeutic effects, you can boil an egg in it or even boil "yours" in it. :-) 

For the ladies, the free mud-masking is a rare occasion for a free face-lifting session. Trying as much mud to soak in as much parts of your body isn’t bad at all.

The only resort in the area with rooms is Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort which is run by members of Community of Local Agribusiness Partners Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Some of their members serve as mountain guides too if you want to climb Mt. Apo, the country’s tallest peak at 2,954 meters.

you can't take home the take advantage.

Team Lutak (mud)

mud bath, yes.

steam bath, anyone?

Cottages and rooms are available at Mahomanoy

During this visit, we rented a non-conditioned room for 10 persons. An air-conditioner is not necessary in a cold mountain resort like Mahomanoy. This cold condition was my predicament during my solo-Apo period stay in Lake Agco. I was alone then inside the tent and the cold was unforgiving. I considered that my masochistic feat in Ilomavis.

Ilomavis, short for Ilocano-Manobo-Visaya, is a converging point for the three tribes that coexist in Lake Agco in harmony. Workers, guides and everybody in the tourism industry in the area are from these three tribes although majority are Manobo. 

The surrounding of Lake Agco at the foot of the grand mountain is a sacred home of the Manobo Tribes, considered as the ancestral bearers of the mountains. Respect must always be observed in the area as should be in any place where we come are strangers. That respect could take you places…somewhere far from the chance of getting “yours” boiled. :-) 


How to get there:
Kidapawan City is 2 to 3 hours away from Davao City by public bus or van. The same is expected if you’re coming from General Santos City or Cotabato City area.
From the overland terminal, ride a tricycle to the habal-habal (single motorcycle) terminal beside the Iglesia ni Cirsto church. Take the habal-habal bound for Lake Agco . Travel time is 40 minutes. Fare is Php70 per person.
Travel time could be shorter if you’re taking private vehicles.

Entrance fees, cottage and room rates at the resort are in the photo below:

Good finds:

For coffeeholics: during our stay there, the resort was selling Alamid Coffee for Php 120 per 100 grams only!
Trinkets and other collectible memorabilias are available at the resort, too. 


  1. And why are you and John Jay not covered in mud? :)

  2. may i ask po totoo po ba at sure talaga yan na 70php lang po ang fare sa motor papuntang lake agco? may friend kasi ako na pumunta din last year at siningil sila ng 500php sa motor. Anu po ba talaga ang sure na fare rate sa motor? i hope you will reply.
    #dont snob me pls. tnx

    1. Hi, standard fare is P70 per person. For pakyaw system, it varies. But 500 for one way is way too much. Pwede if balikan na at 3 pax lang.

  3. Hello.. meron pa po ba kaung ibang contact number sa knila?? Plano kasi namin pumunta doon this sunday and magovernight rin.. di na kasi macontact ung nasa under ng mga rates nila. Please po if ever meron.thaanks

    1. hi, that's the only contact number they have. cellphone signal is not so good in the area. just try again. enjoy your trip. :)

  4. Hello :) Kung dalawa lg po 70 per person lg po ba sa habal-habal? Kasali na po ba sa 35 yung pool? :)

  5. I recently visited Lake Agco and it was such an adventure! I most especially enjoyed the jacuzzi and the boiling lake but was hesitant to put in the mud mask since my skin is very sensitive to chemicals but it was truly an amazing experience

  6. Really hepful. Couldnt find any way to contact them. Thanks for posting details for the resort.

  7. Ur stuff is beautiful thank u for sharing god bless u n ur journey n travels keep sharing cuz they r amazing lov ur writing ur wit humour n photos :) content makes me smile


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