Welcome to my odd-venture blog. Find time to read about my perspectives of places, people and events not as a tourist but as a mindful observer interacting with my immediate universe.

Who am I?

- An environmental alliance of 11 towns and 2 provinces in Allah Valley Area in Sox Region, Mindanao, Philippines
- Writes for a national newspaper as a contributing correspondent for Central Mindanao Region
- A photography enthusiast (more into landscape and people)
- A blogger at www.nomadperspectives.com (A Nomad's Perspectives)
- A practicing Pescatarian (semi-vegetarian that considers eating seafoods) for 10 years
- A tramp, mountaineer, life odd-venturer
- Friend of the wild- 21 years old, forever

Carpe Diem!  Cheers!


  1. Replies
    1. Yadu! Yadule-eh-oh! Keep on blogging, bro! cheers!

  2. Great to find a fellow travel blogger, hiker, photo enthusiast, and adventure lover here! And yes, I guess a fellow South Cotabateno? Discovered your blog through a friend.. :)

    1. Hi Ms Rojae! Thanks for dropping by in this piece of universe of mine. :D Yes, I'm a proud South Cotabateno. Batang tun-og from Marbel. We're neighbors, right? Please say Hi and thanks to your friend.
      See you in the mountains and the streets. Cheers! :)

  3. Hi Louie,

    I know you know me, haha, wow, simply amazing discovery that I never thought you are a blogger.
    Thanks to earl's fb post. I'm a newbie in blogging, and your blog is another inspiration for me to learn more about blogging.
    Hopefully, in God's time, I would be able to join the adventure of Mr. www.nomadperspectives.com together with Ms. www.adventuroj.com.
    :-) Haha, I had found the portal, so now I'm entering in your world.

  4. HI! I really love your blog..and it really is an inspiration for a new blogger like me :) kudos kuya & gb


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