Traveling near the Golden Triangle bordering Thailand, Myanmar and Laos introduced us to interesting stories of Lanna, Shan, Karen cultures, tribal wars, community transformations from problems of insurgencies and drugs, elephant caring, different religions, community-based tourism and agriculture.

It wasn't my first time in Thailand but this visit to the North together with the members of Provincial Tourism Council of South Cotabato was a totally different experience.

Still running in my mind are vivid images of royal palaces, the intricate dresses and long necks of Karen tribal women, quaint temples, traditional Thai villages, tea plantations, opulent gardens, herds of elephants, poops turned into paper, hot springs and beautifully plated thai delicacies.

So many stories to tell about our 7-day trip from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the North down to Pattaya and Bangkok in the South. I'm summing up in this 5+ minutes video our trip spearheaded by the private sector-led Tourism Council and sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand - The Philippines Branch Office.

Click thumb photo below to watch video:

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