VIDEO: Maguindanao's Inaul Festival in 55 seconds

Finally, I was able to march the streets of Buluan to join the last day of the grandest celebration in the province, the much talked-about Inaul Festival sa Maguindanao.

The celebration is centered on the Inaul weaves and the Maguindanaoan culture and heritage. Huge floats and dancers in vibrant costumes filled the streets amid the harsh morning sun and street dusts. 
But not an ounce of energy was lost in the celebration.
Inaul Festival is still young compared to other festivals in Mindanao. But it is never far behind in terms of grandiosity. The social media posts of fellow bloggers and the ones in the fest's official channels of the week-long celebration can tell how ready Maguindanao's Inaul Festival is to be tagged as among the grandest in the country. 

Here's my 55 sec highlight video of the Dindang sa Lalan street revelry last Feb 14, the last day of the Fest!

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