My Wrangler Ultimate True Wanderer Contest Entries - Set 2

This journey isn't about winning. I'm taking this chance to forward my advocacy of promoting Mindanao island, the discriminated and mis-understood part of the Philippines, as a beautiful and safe riding destination. With me in this challenge too are the people who are my inspirations in all my journeys in life.

The following is the second set of my entries of creative photos for the Wranger Asia Pacific Ultimate True Wanderer challenge:

The best part of an adventure is not knowing what’s around the next corner and our True Wanderers always take the road less travelled. For the fifth challenge we must post a photo of when we went off the map, took a wild shortcut or a picture of our favorite road. 
There are no defined roads to the true wanderer’s favorite destinations but his heart would always lead him there. Mindanao’s mountains are close to my heart amidst the absence of roads or the roughness of it if there are any. The scenic roadside views, the challenging terrains, the indigenous peoples you meet and the stories and the culture they share to you are what make every journey worthwhile. It’s always worth the rough ride and the stopover.
Photo location: Tboli, South Cotabato, Mindanao

This challenge is delicious!
We have to share a photo of the best street food we had whether it was a quick stop for lunch at a roadside stall or discovering a local market.
The best foods on the road are the ones that turn your pit stops into an interesting culinary discovery. Bibingka or the rice cake is a common native delicacy in the Philippines, but the ones in Sarangani province in Mindanao, usually sold in makeshift stores with homemade charcoal ovens, are baked with coco wine. Now, that's a kickin' delight after a long ride.

For the seventh challenge True Wanderers must take a self-portrait of an amazing moment they had on the road.
Every destination reached is a self-portrait of the person who got there. The struggle you have to take, the fears you have to conquer, the perceptions you have to break reflects on the person that you are standing on that platform surrounded by all things beautiful and unique. 
Photo location: Asik-asik falls, Alamada, North Cotabato, Mindanao

The final challenge! 
Whether True Wanderers are starting the day early or travelling late we know they are out to appreciate it. For the closing challenge we have to show our best photo of a sunrise or sunset on the road. 
Wandering to me is happiness and as Christopher McCandless said, happiness is only real when shared. The long roads we take in life provide the real meaning to our aimed destinations. We get lost, we stumble, we learn, we become a better person, we see beauty, we appreciate life and we live. We truly live when we share this long road with the one we truly love.
Let me dedicate this last post to my wife, the one who gives meaning to my journeys in life and the one whom I’m going to share many sunrises and sunsets with. 
Photo: Wifey saluting the sun over the shores of Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental, Mindanao.
To view the first set, click HERE: My Wrangler Ultimate True Wanderer Contest Entries - Set 1

Muchos Gracias to Wrangler Asia Pacific and to all those who supported me and the rest of the Filipino wanderers in this journey. Tippin' my glass up to all ye wanderers! Cheers!

See you on the road!

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