My Wrangler Ultimate True Wanderer Contest Entries - Set 1

The journey of a true wanderer is "not about conquering the last trip or the next big ride. He is always looking for new roads and the next challenge." His journey never ends.  

Earlier this year I was selected as among the finalists for Wrangler Philippines' True Wanderer Competition. My five day ride highlights my adventure on the road this year. Just when I thought that was just it, Wrangler Asia Pacific last month gave us a chance to take another journey. This time to compete with the rest of the True Wanderer finalists from Asia Pacific region for the search for the Ultimate True Wanderer and the Wrangler brand ambassador. 

The Ultimate Wanderer will have their next big adventure worth USD $6,000 courtesy of Wrangler. For me, however, it isn't about winning. I'm taking this chance to forward my advocacy of promoting Mindanao island, the discriminated and mis-understood part of the Philippines, as a beautiful and safe riding destination. With me in this challenge too are the people who are my inspirations in all my journeys in life.

The following is the first set of my creative photos for the challenge: 

The first challenge is set! True Wanderers must grab a pair of Wrangler denim and post a snap of themselves in their favourite threads. (Challenge photo by Wrangler AP.)

A true wanderer’s journey never really ends. There are always new roads to take. Some roads take us to new beginnings. Some roads take us back to our inner beings. 

As we take the road to becoming the Ultimate True Wanderer, let me also introduce you to my new and lifelong adventure through my baby boy and my new family.

Cheers to the ultimate adventure gear provider, Wrangler, and to each one’s unique life adventures! 

For the second challenge, the True Wanderers have to map out their dream trip.

There's a map but there's no definite destination. Four weeks on the road around the misunderstood island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Sometime you have to take the journey on your own to show the world that beauty and kindness abound in places they perceive it absent. This is what this road trip is all about. This is what drives the true wanderer to take the roads less traveled. 

True Wanderers know how to pack light but still have everything they need for their trip. The challenge is to take a picture of what they've packed for their adventure.
A true wanderer travels light but goes home loaded with memories and new visions of the road.
For the light pack: wrangler shirt and gears for the long tough journey;
Photography gears for the stories of the road; Pirsig's book to keep the riding human grounded; Zombo, my traveling zombie buddy for road company; gadgets for more notes of learned things from the outdoors. 

True Wanderers must post a photo of the most incredible lookout or view they spotted on their trip and show us what the great outdoors has to offer!
We miss to see the beauty of things if we deny it understanding.
While Mindanao Island is being mis-labeled as unsafe for tourists, true wanderers are exploring its wonders to see its beautiful side and to prove that perceptions are indeed just perceptions. In photo is one of my favorite trekking escapes in Mindanao, the Lake Holon, a volcanic caldera of Mt. Parker in South Cotabato, Sox Region. 

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  1. stunning photos. love the "map it out" challenge photo. Cheers.

  2. Ur stuff is stunning n amazing as they say. Thanks again for sharing ur story it's always well written n I can feel it from here ur lov for life n adventure keep it going


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