From the Philippines to Asia Pacific: our Wrangler True Wanderer journey continues

The journey isn't over.

From representing Mindanao (being the lone contestant from the Island) to the Wrangler True Wanderer ride out competition earlier this year, I will be joining the rest of the 10 finalists from the Philippines to represent the country and take on the challenge against the rest of True Wanderer finalists from Asia Pacific region!

The winner will become the Ultimate Wanderer and will get on a big time adventure worth $6,000 and a chance to become the Wrangler brand ambassador!

My Philippine leg journey had been fun amidst the challenges in the 5-day ride because of your support by reading my True Wanderer blog entries and sharing them to friends! That was one of the most fun and adventurous journeys I had.

This time, as we represent the country, the Philippines finalists will be helping promote each other to support our cause of showcasing the country as a safe and beautiful riding destination. We will need your support once again.

You can help us gain points by visiting each of the 8 challenges posted every 48 hours at Wrangler Asia Pacific Facebook page and by liking our entries posted as photo comments. Your comments/replies to our photos will incur bigger points. Our entries' positive engagement will be part of the overall score aside from the points from the board of judges who will rate our entries based on originality, relevance and creativity.

Let's altogether take this adventure! Let's take Philippines on top of the competition!

May the force be with you! Peace and Light!


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