"Connect" to the world longer while on travel and adventure: TNT Extend

Travel and adventure are all about the self connecting to the new environment, new experiences and new cultures. In this  age of modern technology and social media,  with smartphones on hand, it’s also about sharing your experiences and connecting to your loved ones and the world. What if you  have the chance to connect more with just a coin to spare?

In my travels around the country, I rely mostly on my mobile phone for my live social media updates, text and calls to my family and loved ones. It’s a hitch sometimes when your mobile prepaid promos end while you are in the highpoint of “connecting” to the world.

A local fisherman on his morning routine in Lake Holon in Tboli, South Cotabato
Wifey in Dahican, Mati City, Davao del Norte
But worry no more, Talk n’ Text (TNT), the country’s largest value brand under Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), comes to the rescue with its latest promo that allows subscribers nationwide to extend their existing favorite promo subscriptions for only P5 per day.

With TNT Extend, mobile users now have the most affordable way of “connecting”, be it through call, text or mobile internet – all without worrying about promo expiration. Read this: for up to 365 days! One whole year, baby, and no other network provides this much flexibility!

Now you can extend your live social media updates of your adventure, text and calls exchanges by just rolling one P5 coin a day! Guess who’re the new TNT endorsers for this promo? The massive hit AlDub couple is on board for the TNT Extend!

Updating the world of your travel and adventures, business, showbiz updates, family, love life - whatever is your drive for staying connected, TNT Extend is the most affordable way to stay!

If you’re a TNT subscriber, you simply have to text EXTEND to 4545 to enjoy the promo. A quick confirmation will give the green light for you to continue the fun! Visit TNT website for more details.

On board the dump truck to Kofnit Cave, a lesser known tourism destination in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

On the way to the highest point in the Philippines, Mt. Apo! 
Believe it or not, TNT and Smart mobile network signals are available here! 

Below are the TNT promos included for TNT EXTEND:

UnliTxt Plus 10
Unlitext + 50 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 1 day
Gaan Text 10
Unlitext to all networks valid for 1 day
Gaan UnliTxt Plus 15
Unlitext + 30 mins calls for TNT/Smart/ Sun + unli Facebook valid for 1 day
UnliTalk 15
Unlicall to TNT/ Smart valid for 1 day
UnliTxt Plus 15
Unlitext + 10 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 2 day
Gaan Text 20
Unlitext to all networks valid for 2 days
UnliTxt Plus 20
Unlitext + 30 mins calls to TNT/Smart/ Sun + unli Facebook valid for 2 days
UnliTxt Extra 20
Unlitext + 20 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 3 days
UnliTxt2All Plus 25
Unlitext to all networks + 25 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun valid for 3 days
Gaan UnliTxt Plus 30
Unlitext to all networks + 30 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun valid for 3 days


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