Mahin 2015 Beach Festival: #PerfectSummer in SOX

I grew up in a region that is always ready for summer and where there is one beach destination that always comes to mind: Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province! To date, the century-old town of Glan is becoming known as the venue of the coolest beach festivals in Mindanao and the Summer Beach Capital of SoCCSkSarGen Region (SOX)! 

To prove this (well, they don't really need to), they have more in store this summer! Mahin 2015 Beach Festival is coming! 

Prepare for Sarangani’s grand welcome to Summer!

To ensure your #PerfectSummer in SOX, Glan is more than ready to give tourists the time of their lives in the beach! April 17-18-19, 2015 are the congregation dates not just for beach bums, but also  culture and local games junkies!

Mahin Festival is from the B'laan term Mahin which means ocean, beach or sea. The Festival is promising three days of fun, frolic and festivities in the famed beaches of Gumasa.

Mahin 2015 Beach Festival will be conducted to complement the now decade-old SarBay Fest! The two festivals are testaments to Glan, Sarangani’s reputation as the Summer Beach Capital of SOX, if not of Mindanao.

Check out what you can do and where you can participate during the three-day Fest,here: 

Mahin Fest Schedule. Click photo to enlarge.
On April 18, the boys of 6 Cycle Mind band led by Tutti Caringal will jam with the beach night owls! That's one night of rocking fun!

Get a chance to jam with 6 Cycle Mind 

Ms. Lodar Escobillo, Glan tourism chief, announced earlier that they “have included culture-inspired activities unique to Mahin Festival such as the laro ng lahi which we played during our childhood years." We also have horse fight/race, dog race, palupad tabanog or kite-flying contest, and the sand and coconut sap painting competitions which will showcase the works of our local artists,” Now, that's Glan more than just the beach.

For the green warriors like moi, organizers have promised to keep the beach clean and green before and after the event. Ms. Escobillo said that two days prior to the festival, organizers and local residents will carry out a coastal cleanup to prepare and ensure cleanliness in the activity area. Another coastal cleanup will also be conducted a day after the celebration to remove trash and recyclables from the oceans and shores as part of the town’s environmental protection campaign. 

Guilt-less party! cool, yeah? 

See you there!

Need to book a resort to stay in for the Festival? Hurry! Do it now.

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All photos courtesy of Mahin Beach Fest Team.


  1. This should be one of Sarangani's #PerfectSummer ever! Responsible Tourism is the key to sustaining annual events like this. Thanks for sharing Louie. See you there!


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