Sharing Happiness Times Twelve: Takladtamig Dose (Lake Holon, Tboli)

“Happiness is only real when shared”.This line, from supertramp and the late Chris McCandless, is true to the adventurers who find bliss in the peaks and forests and share this bliss with their fellow wanderers. In a way, that’s the basis of how Takladtamig was formed. But for the group that founded it, it is more rewarding when happiness is extended to those who are less fortunate. 

The donated dolls has found their new owners in Sitio Nabol. Thanks to Ms. Charms and Baby Danielle.
From a simple hobby, six mountaineers, including this blogger, who share the same joy in mountaineering convened sometime in 2012 to think of ways to extend some love to the communities who act as stewards of their revered mountain destinations in South Cotabato. The team goes by the slogan: “Grow a tree, Lend a Hand, Be Amazed”, representing the advocacies for environment, sharing and tourism. Since day one,  trekking has become secondary to sharing.

Takladtamig, a non-profit, all-volunteer movement led by a group Friends of Holon and Melibingoy (FHM), has just finished its 12th instalment (Takladtamig Dose). And thanks a dozen of thousands of times to our supporters and volunteer mountaineers who are the reasons why this was made possible. Takladtamig climbs, now being known as Mountaineering with a Heart, can’t happen without them backing us.  

That feeling of seeing other people happy because of something you’ve been a part of, it’s priceless!
The Takladtamig Dose destination.

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FHM’s most frequent destination is Lake Holon and we are always welcomed by the Tboli indigenous peoples of SitioNabol, the farthest community that can be reached by trekking, everytime we pass by. Air-dried abaca fibers,a source of living to most of the 30 households of farmers, hanging on themakeshift fences of the village normally greet the trekkers to their silent village.

Ye (mother) Elma Kutan, one of the community leaders, would always welcome us with a timid smile. Her native coffee and boiled bananas or cassavas offered for free are always a perfect treat to the tired trekkers.Her act is just one of the many generosity and kindness shownby the village people even tostrangers.

Who wouldn’t be grateful or that?

Last month we came back there again to show our gratitude. Takladtamig Dose was our way of giving back – this time to the children.  It was our KrismasKlimbfor the Kids –a timely event for the season of giving where we shared some toysfrom our partners and volunteerto around 60 kids, mostly from elementary level.

“Bong S’lamat (thank you very much), sirsapagbisitasaamonkagsa blessings,” said Ye Elma in vernacular. I replied, “No, Ye Elma, it’s us who should be thankful to you.”

The following photos share the joy of the participating mountaineers and the Tboli peoples and most especially of the kids:

photo contribution by Tudz Fajanel

photo contribution by Tudz Fajanel

The crater lake of Holon

The Takladtamig Dose participants. With Takladtamig climbs, it's not the number that counts. It's what you share. Bong S'lamat!

How to get to SitioNabol in Barangay Salacafe, Tboli:
From General Santos City, Tboli is just 1.5 hour away by private ride or barely 2 hours by public transportation.
If you are coming from Davao City, it will take you around 3.5 hours to Gen.Santos City.Buses and utility vans are available for those who will take the public ride.
From Tboli town proper, ride a habal-habal (single motorcycle) to Barangay Salacafe. From the Lake Holon tourism center, SitioNabol is just around 30 minutes away by trekking.
Public TranspoTravel Time and Fare:
Davao City to Gen.Santos City - est 3.5 hours ,P270 by bus
Gen.Santos City to Koronadal City – est. 1 hour, P100+ by bus, P80 by van
Koronadal City to Tboli – est. 1 hour, P 70.00 by van
Tboli to Salacafe– 1 hour,P100

Special thanks to the following sponsors and donors for Takladtamig Dose:
Aloot Foods, Inc.
Ms. Charmaine Ladot and Baby Danielle
BataanTrading, Inc.
Kleitz Family of Koronadal City

Open for Donations:
FHM is open for donations of items for the future beneficiary mountain communities. Items preferred include, but not limited to, the following: slippers, school kits (composed of pencil or ballpen, crayons, notebooks, paper pads), individual school items, rice, salt and solar-powered lamps/lights.
You may visit our Facebook page ( Takladtamig(FHM) ) for details and contacts. 

More photos from Takladtamig page:

* All photos are by Louie Pacardo unless stated otherwise. 


  1. Amazing shot of a boatman at the crater lake.

    1. It's a usual scene at the lake. You should experience it yourself, dude. :)


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