My year 2014 in 28 photos: A Nomad’s Yearender

I decided to take it slow on travel for 2014 but travel didn't slow down on me. Besides the planned wanderings with Kai, writing and photography projects, speaking and judging engagements, official business trips, invitations from nomadic peers, organizing tours and my involvement with the Byaheng Mindanaw Team allowed me to see more of my region, my country and parts of  Southeast Asia.

Opportunities came even in most down moments. The tragedy of losing our baby Summer even led us to destinations perfect for reflection and finding peace. 

Like the previous year, I moved through 2014 like a child with hyperactivity disorder. Almost restless! Twenty Fourteen was truly an awesome journey! I shared loud laughs with a lot of strangers who later became my friends, learned from people who are virtually out of the map, established links with like-minded travel and tourism freaks, helped people tick some destinations off their bucket lists, and I stumbled and got up with better view of the world.

So, for no number-related reason at all, I'm doubling the 14 for these photographs to summarize what an awesome year it was. Tadaaaan!

Singapore is an eye candy for nightscape photographers!
The sea of water hyacinth in Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Panlabuhan village, Loreto, Agusan del Sur. The trip was thefirst for the year for Byaheng Mindanaw Team

Aerial shoot via Cessna C260 of my most favorite mountain and Lake, Mt. Melibingoy and its crater, Lake Holon

Lake Holon up close
Caving with the Ubo indigenous peoples of Lake Sebu during our 11th Takladtamig outreach climb with FHM (Friends of Holon and Melibingoy)
More love shared to mountain communities thru Takladamig!

The trip to the  boiling Lake Agco in Kidapawan, North Cotabato

The colorful cultural T'nalak Festival of South Cotabato

The first Secrets of the Master Series photography workshop with master travel photographer Sir George Tapan that I organized. Lake Sebu was the scenic destination!

The second Secrets of the Master workshop with George Tapan.This time in Gensan City and Sarangani.
The return to Surigao del Sur and the Enchanted River.

One of the most (culturally) authentic festivals, Helobung Fest of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato 

#Traveltherapy to  Milbuk in the coastal town of Palembang, Sultan Kudarat. This was two weeks after baby summer left for the heavens.

Kai on the way to the vanishing Balasan Island in Milbuk
The #traveltherapy to Dahican Beach, Mati,Davao Oriental.

Mindanao is such a beauty. #Traveltherapy in Dahican, Mati
One of the most beautiful waterfalls i've ever seen, Asik-asik falls in Alamada, North Cotabato

Been to this  majestic falls three times in a year and the last one was with high school buddies.

A quick Jumparound at Guimaras

A photo-exploration for a project in Ilo-ilo City

Met this lady from Slovenia (I think her name is Lina. :) ) who became my instant model for the photo project in Camsur Watersports Complex in Naga

Revisited my childhood travel dream, the Choco Hills in Bohol!

Met the Typhoon survivors and photographed beautiful places of Northwest Leyte for the same photo project.

Ticked off from my list the grand Aliwagwag falls of Cateel, Davao Oriental. It was not as beautiful as during sunny days when we were there...thanks to the Typhoon Seniang.

I was introduced to biking...

...and the biking craze has gone crazier! (captured by Kai)

Malaysia is sweet to the wide angle lenses! This was my second country for 2014 after Singapore. 

So, what's up for 2015? Simply, to stay curious and excited! 


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