Hinugyaw Festival: The Crowning Festival in the South (Kory and Naldy Story Part 3)

This is the 3rd and final part of the story series of Kory's journey with Naldy through Koronadal City and the Hinugyaw Festival. Read the first and the second part of their story HERE: Part 1 | Part 2.

Finally, the day of Hinugyaw!

The noise of the huge drums and percussion instruments enveloped the vast sports complex as thousands of people fill the bleachers to watch the finale of the Festival. This was the night everybody was waiting for, especially the children clad in colorful indigenous and folk costumes. Everybody seemed to be in high spirits, unmindful of the rain that was about to pour down!

The Hinugyaw Festival energy highlighted by the festive drum beats in the rain 

The rain started to fall as the Hinugyaw program party started. But no rain can dampen a Koronadaleno's spirit. The merry making went on like it's a day everybody has prepared for. The sports complex was alive!

The B'laan children getting ready for their colorful performance.

Colorful tribal costumes flooded the field. Deafening drums play with the rain and the different groups representing different tribal contestants all jumped in euphoric beats!

"No rain can dampen a Koronadaleno's spirit."

Kory who was holding an umbrella and positioned near the drummers asked Naldy, "So what is this really all about? I mean, the Festival?!" The boy, whose face is starting to get wet by the rain, responded, "this is the highlight of the week-long celebration! Tonight we will witness an inter-tribe revelry in the field. I'm sure you will dance with the rest of the people here."

"This is the Festival of festivals in the south. We call it the crowning festival! Tonight is the culmination of celebration of History and the city's progress. You will drown in the rhythm of Koronadal's history portrayed through music and dance presentations," he said confidently.

"Look at the people behind you. They will stay there until the night is over, because just like me, they are willing to learn and even relearn of the history that defines what we are today.Tonight the different groups will express the creativity and artistry of all the tribes and cultures that built this city," Naldy said in high spirit.

They both stayed near the drumming groups to feel the loud beats of the night.

One group performed through dances how the three tribes united and made peace with each other in the early times indicating the long-standing peace the city is enjoying. Another group danced to the beats of gongs and drums as they performed how the settlers led by General Paulino Santos during the first half of the century were welcomed by the indigenous peoples and the Maguindanaoans.

Gen. Santos, leading the settlers, meeting the with the B'laan and Muslim leaders.

The next group entered the spotlight with over-sized replica of crops and fruits to represent the fertility of the city once dubbed as the vast plain (datal) of cogon grass (kolon). The rest of the groups performed what seemed to be significant supplemental points of history that can be patched up into one: the setting up of settlements since the migration of settlers started, the celebration of all tribes of the productivity of their lands, and more.

Kory, the guest, shouted amid the blaring drums after the last performance, "every performance seemed to represent parts of history of the city." "You got it right," his host replied.

Portraying the unity between the Christians and the Muslims 

"By simply being here in the Hinugyaw Festival I've learned how you've lived through time. Each performance tells a chapter in your history and they all make up one grand story that is "Koronadal City".

"I'm glad to be with you here right now, Kory", Naldy said with eyes gleaming.

Mabuhay Hinugyaw Festival!

Their clothes were wet when the performances were over. "Are you okay?, he asked. "I guess so," she said in a little shivering voice.

"I'll take you back to your hotel,", he said. She nods in agreement.

They walked back to find a yellow tricycle, the signature public ride of the city, for the ride back to where Kory was booked to stay until the next day. But they had to walk a few blocks more as the highways were filled with mobile sound systems for disco sa kalye. The streets are filled with people...dancing like the night sky is clear, like there's no rain. "Everybody's having fun," she said.

They boarded a yellow tricycle to the hotel. Both silent. Naldy assisted Kroy in getting out of the tricycle by holding her hand. They never let go of each other's hands until they reached Kory's room on the second floor.

At the doorstep, Naldy asked her, "are you still coming back for Hinugyaw Festival next year?"
"Sure", she said and kissed him on the cheeks. []

This is the third and last part of the story series of Naldy’s journey with Kory through Koronadal City and the Hinugyaw Festival. Follow their story by Liking this blog's FACEBOOK PAGE. Click HERE.

This is my official entry to the Hinugyaw Festival 2014 Blog Writing Contest.This is also my Hinugyaw Blog Special Award Entry.

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