Hinugyaw Festival 2014 in Photos

You might have heard or read of the story of Kory and Naldy and their journey through Koronadal City and Hinugyaw Festival. This post is not part of their three-part story. But if you want to follow or review their journey, click the links below:

Part 1: A walk with Kory and Naldy
Part 2: 5 Things to Love about Koronadal City
Part 3: Hinugyaw Festival: The Crowning Festival in the South 

Meanwhile, the following photos are the summary of the happenings during the culmination day and night of Hinugyaw Festival 2014.

"The rain is the blessing from the sky". These children from the B'laan indigenous tribe is enjoying the downpour was they wait for their turn to perform.

The drummers performed like the rain is just not there!

Sometimes you have to do something unusual to be noticed. 

Hinugyaw Festival is not only for the humans, eh?

The little drummer boys from a bird's point of view. 

Hinugyaw Festival could mean Big drums....and little drummer boys!

Hinugyaw for the families and the children.

Firm and Steady.The military trainees showing off how it is to be stiff.

The festival is a chance for some people to "show-off" too.

Meet the candy girls from Polomolok. They don't need to dance to be noticed, eh?

Bumblebees? Not. 

More than the costumes the contestants need to wear their best smile too. 

See them fly? They're humans with no wings. The team from Banga showing their might in flying. In-synch for the try to get the top spot. They're the champion for High School category for drum line competition, by the way.

Dance to the beat of the drums and shout, ouch? 
*Entry to Best Blog Photo.

Focused. The Team from Business School of Polomolok getting ready to give their best performance. 

Follow the leader. The BSP team got 1st runner up award. 

The glam under the sun. 

"The rain is not enough. The show must go on."  

It's a festival of colors and a celebration of cultures. 

The streets is the main stage for the festival. Ask the children. 

Talking heads. Festivals are chances for the small businesses to earn too.

This is part of my official entry to the Hinugyaw Festival 2014 Blog Writing Contest.”

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