Blu Gre Coffee: now serving caffeine junkies in Marbel

When visiting a new town or a country I would always leave some time for coffee-hunting. It's a good news for caffeine junkies like moi to learn that in my hometown the search for best brews need not be hard. Davao-born Coffee shop Blu Gre Coffee is now brewing in Koronadal City!

Lami kaayo durian coffee oy! The Durian Coffeeccino.

The newest and the 11th branch of the coffee shop known for its original blend of durian coffee opened here earlier this month at EMR Entertainment Center, the core of entertainment and convention in the city. EMR under its President Edwin Romero is the newest franchisee.

A cup of durian explosion - The Durian Arctic Blast!
Cheese roll bites, mi paborito, and the durian de leche!
Blu Gre boasts of its coffee concoctions all based in premium arabica coffee. It’s perhaps the only coffee shop that uses the tropical durian fruit in its main coffee menus. Blu Gre's bestsellers include Durian Coffeeccino, which is basically a cappuccino with real durian pulp topped with whipped cream, and its cold counterpart, Durian Arctic Blast

It was a reunion for me and the Durian Coffeeccino which I first had an intimate moments with in Davao City. The bite of coffee and the texture and taste of heavenly durian in one cup, hot or cold, is a treat coffee fanatics must not miss.

We stand on the consistency of the taste of our coffee, hence our select choice of coffee beans from countries in Southeast Asia, Rodolfo Cruz, Vice-President on Operations for Blu Gre, said. Ah, I can still smell the brown beans being ground and made to bitter-sweet espresso made by Sir Rod for us using the store's brand new Rancillo Coffee Maker! 

BG macaroons! There's red velvet cake and the choco fudge, too!
Aside from coffee choices, Blu Gre Koronadal offers the chain’s best-selling pastries like cheese roll bites, choco fudge cake, macaroons, and durian de leche, red velvet cake and variety of paninis and pasta menus. My favorite? The roll bites! 

and lotsa cakes!
Sir Rod said the company is confident of their entry in the regional seat of Central Mindanao. It's a bold move to invest in the growing entertainment, tourism and conference scene in Koronadal, also nicknamed Marbel.

Jayne Basto, the store chief, said their location proved to be a good choice despite it being some kilometers away from the city center. The Famville, the entertainment and music hub, is within the same compound as EMR. Famville and EMR is of the same company.

Blu Gre’s success can be attributed to its mark as a homegrown brand with high quality coffee concoctions. This brand bagged the National Shoppers Choice Awards as the no. 1 Coffee Shop in Davao City in 2003 to 2006. It also received the Most Outstanding Coffee Shop in the city in the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards from 2003 to 2005.

Sir Rod and the shimmering Rancillo Coffee Machine
stylish space for coffee people
Blu Gre’s expansion in Central Mindanao started in General Santos City in 2012 which now has grown to three branches. Two of which are franchised by pugilist and Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao - the Robinsons GenSan Branch and the one at JMP Building, Osmena Street. This move by Pacquiao shows his faith to the local brand's ability to compete even with international coffee shop brands, Sir Rod said.  

For your caffeine fix when dropping by Marbel, Blue Gre Koronadal has the coffee blends you want and enough space for you and your family and friends.

Caffeine junkies, unite! []

Meet Maam Jane (center) and the BG-K Crew


  1. I could feel my nape numbing while reading this post migs. :) Please tell Blu Gre to open a franchise here in Cebu soon.

    Loving the new banner too, I must add. Keep it up!

    Baktin Corporation

    1. haha! adik ka bro. Try to experiment putting durian into your regular coffee first. It might work. :)
      I'm testing the new banner. thanks, bro.

  2. Thanks for this post. Glad to know there's a branch in Marbel and gensan :) Other than tripadvisor reviews and this post i've found they really should update their website...


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