5 Things to Love about Koronadal City (Kory and Naldy Story Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the story series of Kory's journey with Naldy through Koronadal City and the Hinugyaw Festival. Read the first part of their story HERE

Kory and Naldy walked through General Santos Drive, a prominent highway that in itself is one of Koronadal City's landmarks, passing structures that proves of the recent developments in the city. 

The B'laan Children donning their costume for their Hinugyaw Perfromance

"We are the regional seat of South-Central Mindanao", said the boy in a loud voice trying to be heard by the girl as they walk amid the blaring huge boxes of speaker systems set-up for the Disco sa Kalye (street discotheque) along the highway for the last day of Hinugyaw Festival. "Business is blooming here as evident by the mushrooming infrastructures. The city remains relaxed as back dropped by rural settings", he said.
Tell me, what is there to love about Koronadal City?, the lady asked.  "Donuts, you want donuts? Let's take a rest at the doughnut store and have some coffee. Let me enumerate the answers I have to your questions", he said with the slight smile.

Over hot coffee and donuts, Naldy continued the talking with his 5 things to love about Koronadal City:

1. A Melting pot of Cultures 
The city hosts people from different cultures and religious beliefs with different stories to tell and traditions to share.

A variety of colorful traditions are celebrated in this small city that thrive for progress amid diversity in religion, culture and customs.

The Ilonggo people dominate the city in number together with the Tagalog and the Ilocano people. They belong to the Christian group which composes majority of the population. There are also the B'laan people, the dominant indigenous tribe that mostly dwells in the upland parts of the city. Then the Maguindanaoan Muslims which completes the history of the city.

With this diversity expect an assortment of celebrations and an array of culinary adventures.

2. Business friendly...too friendly
Since Koronadal, fondly called Marbel, was declared a city in October 2000 progress was fast-paced as it welcomes more investments. A kind of magnet for investors that it was named one of the "most business-friendly cities". It was tagged the most business-friendly city in Mindanao in the years 2005 and 2006. It topped all cities in 2003 and 2005 when it was declared the Most Competitive City.

In 2013 it ranked sixth nationwide in the First Cities Competitiveness Index by the National Competitive Council.

The city strives to become more business-friendly as years go by. In the same year, under the economic dynamism category, which ranks a locality according to efficiency on business registration, employment, and running financial institutions, Koronadal ranked second, next only to Quezon City in the country's capital region. Beat that!

3. Connectivity to the region's best tourism destinations
The city serves as the gateway to some of the coolest tourism destinations in the country. Familiar with Allah Valley? It's where you can ride the zip line over the rainbow and fly amid the majestic falls of Lake Sebu. It also serves as the gateway for outsiders who want to hike to one of the country's cleanest lakes, the mystical Lake Holon in Tboli....and more!

Cacub Waterfalls in Barangay Cacub

Want to visit Sultan Kudarat's architectural and ornithological wonders? One way is through Koronadal. But it you want to start your adventure in Marbel, there are Cadidang Cave and Siok and Cacub waterfalls and the endless trekking trails in Roxas and Quezon Mountain Ranges. Homey resorts and plush hotels are also places to visit in the crowning city of the south.

Siok Waterfalls in Barangay Mabini

4. The Center of Revelry 
Being South Central Mindanao's regional seat and the provincial capital of South Cotabato province, the humble city is home to numerous festivals and the nest of investment promotions.

Here are the major festivals celebrated in the city and the dates where it's best to make a visit:
Hinugyaw Festival - January 10
Paskoronadal - December 16 to 25
Cityhood Charter Anniversary - October 8
T'nalak Festival / Foundation anniversary of South Cotabato - July 18
Kawayan Festival - February
Tree Growing Festival - June 29
Summer Training Festival - summer-long

5. A Haven of Peace 
Despite the diversity in cultural and religious beliefs of its people Koronadal remains to be one of the most peaceful cities in the country. It remains to be one despite misconceptions of the "outsiders" of Mindanao and its provinces.

The Luzon-based travel bloggers enjoying the tricycle ride in Koronadal during their tour to the city.

"Convinced?" Naldy sipped the last drop of his coffee. Its aroma left him blank for a few seconds. 


"Okay", Kory gestured to pick her backpack. "That was a good try. Well, I'm learning a lot from you and I know now why you're proud to be Koronadaleno." 

Naldy smiled and said, "I think We should proceed to the sports complex where the highlight of Hinugyaw Festival will be held." []

This is the second part of the story series of Naldy’s journey with Kory through Koronadal City and the Hinugyaw Festival. Read the Part 3 and final part of the story by clicking HERE:

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