Mountain Love times Seven: Takladtamig Siete Highlights in photos

There’s no such thing as bad weather for the organizers and participants of Takladtamig Siete who braved the unforgiving rain last weekend to reach the mountain community of Sitio Nabol for an outreach session with the Tboli indigenous peoples and their children.

Nature proved to be the most powerful of all but the trek participants’ hearts were bigger than the discouragements brought by the dark skies, challenging trails and pounding rain.

It was heartwarming to see the 80 children smiling and comparing their old tatty slippers with their new pairs. The joy in their eyes while holding their new set of school kits with pencils, papers, notebooks and crayons brought us more joy.

It was touching to hear words of gratitude from the parents whose children were given bottles of multivitamins with iron from our kind donors. They were thankful too and surprised to have received big water containers they can use to store more clean water. They can now replace their old and smaller water containers recycled from used liquid pesticides.

The treacherous trail to the outlet area of Lake Holon was made more difficult by the uncooperative weather. There were minor mishaps. Itineraries had to be adjusted. The trek to the falls from the campsite had to be cancelled due to the rising water level from the connecting Gao river. But the fun wasn’t spoiled. The grand beauty of the lake seen from a new perspective was enough to ease the trekkers’ longing for something marvelous.

As our Takladtamig caption goes: “Grow a Tree. Lend a Hand. Be Amazed” We did it once again. All these were made possible because our 50 participants and kind donors shared what little they have to people they haven’t even met before. You should have been there when they sang a thank you song in Tboli dialect.

Cheers to your compassion that brought joy to our less privileged kababayans. Cheers to the mountains that keep us breathing.

Sharing here are some photos showing the highlights of the event.

Love and Light!

One way to do the stretching is to smile
Transporting humans and all the good things
pensive bashyang
dumping transportation

Got water?
"Got a smaller size?"
It's fun to share
Navigating the hard trail

Taking the much needed rest in the middle of the torturous trail

Earl, the most persistent of them all
lake grass(?) in a river near the campsite

3-photo stitch of the outlet campsite and Mt. Melibingoy's inner walls 

Special thanks to our 50 participants and the following organizations and individuals for sharing their resources for the success of this activity: 

Rotary Club of Marbel Through Sir Carlo Precioso for the 100 bottles of Multivitamins with Iron
The ever generous Ms. Kannie Sueno for the cash donation
Kiwanis Club of Koronadal City through Mr. Arnold Joaquin and Ms. Kai for the generous number of school kits and other materials
The individual donors who preferred not to be named
All those who, in their own little ways, helped to facilitate this activity.
Madamo nga Salamat! Cheers!

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