Takladtamig Siete Outreach Climb: Seven Times the Mountain Love

Join us once again in a more fulfilling outdoor trekking experience!

For the seventh time we will conduct Takladtamig Outreach climb dubbed as mountaineering with a heart. Let's have a date on August 24-25, 2013 for Takladtamig Siete!  Yes, this is our seventh outreach climb. 
Read more about Takladtamig, our earlier treks and how we started HERE

unofficial poster of Takladtamig Siete outreach climb (c) www.nomadperspectives.com
Our destination campsite for T-7 is the Outlet Area of Lake Holon in Barangay Salacafe, town of Tboli in South Cotabato. We will do a river trek to the outlet. Our beneficiaries will be the indigenous community and the children in Sitio Nabol. 
Meet the children of Salacafe
The campsite area in the outlet of Lake Holon. Photo  by Tudz Fajanel
Takladtamig is an organized mountain trekking event for outdoor people who prefer a trek that connects with the community and the environment. It's for a limited number of people only (50 or less than the usual campsite capacity of a mountain destination). But the main objective of the activity is not to reach the summit and gather facebook-worthy photos. 

The drill is simple, it's in our slogan: Grow a Tree. Lend a Hand. Be Amazed. 

The activity's main components include: meeting the community for an outreach activity (for this event: distribution of school supplies, practical household items and water containers); growing trees with them (planting is on us while caring for the trees to grow is the community's counterpart); climbing a mountain (and be amazed of nature's wonders).

seedlings for planting
the gift for the children of the community during the first Takladtamig

Be amazed. One of the falls in the outlet area of Lake Holon. Photo by Tudz Fajanel
Registration Fee is 500 pesos only. This is inclusive of an event T-shirt, environmental fees, transportation from Tboli town proper to the take off area in Salacafe and back.

Takladtamig is organized by Friends of Holon and Melibingoy (FHM).
You may get more updates in my facebook page at A Nomad's Perspectives or FHM's facebook page at Takladtamig (FHM).

See you in the outdoors!


Below is the climb itinerary for Itinerary for Takladtamig Siete Outreach Climb:

Lake Holon Outlet Experience, Tboli, South Cotabato
August 24-25, 2013

Day 0: August 23: Last Day of Registration @ ACTS office, 2nd Floor South Cot. Gym

Day 1: Saturday - August 24
5:00AM Assembly Area Infront of Marvella Plaza Hotel
7:00AM – ETD to Municipality of Tboli
8:00AM – ETD to Tboli Municipal Tourism Office (Register/Briefing)
9:00AM – ETD to Brgy. Salacafe
10:00AM – ETD to Brgy. Salacafe Plaza, Proceed to Sitio Nabol
Outreach Program
1:00PM – ETD Proceed to Campsite
5:00PM – ETA Lake Holon Outlet Campsite

Day 2: Sunday - August 25
5:00AM Wake Up Call
7:00AM – Start exploration of downstream area
8:30AM – ETA Falls outlet area (photo opps)
9:30AM – ETD Back to campsite
11:00AM – Campsite/Lunch/BreakCamp
12:00PM – Lunch
ETD Back to Salacafe
3:00PM – ETA Brgy Salacafe
5:00PM – ETD Back to T’boli
6:00PM – T’boli proper

Home Sweet Home!


  1. Hello sir. I am interested to join pero dili man ko climber. Lisod ba ang trek sa mga beginners? Hehe. :)

    1. hi debbie grace, we welcome newbies but of course you have to be physically fit. if you're interested i suggest you start the physical preparation now. you have a month to prepare. you can read about my other lake holon entries about the difficulty of the trail.
      if you have questions just lemme know. more updates here soon.
      thanks for dropping by.


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