Think. Click. Move! (Blog Weekend Bootcamp 2012)

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. 
Jean-Paul Sartre 

It’s been a boring week and I want to do something to ease my tired spirit. I have to be on the move. It’s not that I have ADHD or am imploding with adrenalin but that’s how I keep my soul alive. A nomad must move to survive…or to put it lightly, at least to feel alive or be enlivened.
I’ve been expecting for a promised free journalism training from a newspaper company since last year. But as of this writing the waiting continues.
Blog Weekend Bootcamp 2012
Then I remember seeing an invitation poster for the Blog Weekend Bootcamp in the greener portions of Davao City. I can’t exactly remember where I saw it, but I searched and downloaded the poster anyway. Thanks to Davao Bloggers who organized the event and for setting up a page for the bootcamp.
Now here I am - part of the 12-hectare well-maintained greeneries and “confined” faunas of Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City's Calinan District with some 100 “strangers”. Modern civilization calls these people bloggers and by definition, I am actually one.
Journalist, blogger, writer, whatever! The moment I stepped into the grounds of Malagos I realized it’s not enough that I just stay here for a weekend getaway. “Learn, I must”, the Yoda in me commanded.
Getting to know each other on the first night
It’s a timely event. The bootcamp was a chance to step up my seldom-idle blog aside from it being a timely weekend break. 
Perfect blogging mentors like the bubbly Jojie Alcantara of and a seasoned travel photographer and writer and Jeanette Toral, the queen of Philippine social media, delivered the right inputs and the needed motivations.
Ms. Jojie Alcantara presenting the output of the attending bloggers

It’s a fusion of all the good things that you wish would always be present - good environment with a naturalistic appeal that could evoke a writer’s creativity; right persons for the needed motivation and inspiration; good food to awaken one’s senses and coffee to fuel the mind.

Team Oishi Bloggers
Main lessons from the bootcamp: that blogging can be an earning past time; that passion is good but earning from it is better; It takes time to become a blogging maven, but it’s never too late to start as a neophyte; blogging for whatever purpose comes with great responsibilities.
The last one was the focus of the workshop which my team of jolly bloggers synthesized in an impromptu video-blog production. The video speaks of the responsibilities of the bloggers as story tellers and journalists in their own rights.
Watch our video blog which we produced in less than 5 minutes, and post-produced for another fifteen minutes here.

Ben Parker’s super cliché sums it all up: “with great power comes great responsibility.”
It’s not enough that we express our opinions and experiences. The element of respect must not be forgotten – respect to people, nature, culture and opinions. Additionally, the purpose must not be limited to just expressing.
If you believe that your work can affect change, there's more to do than just write. You posted your piece, you clicked responsibly and your work can now be read by the world. Now, it’s time to walk the talk.
Move for the change you want to see in the world. 


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    1. thank you, Maam. Nice meeting you. Padayon sa positivty blog. Til next time. ;)

  3. Glad that you enjoyed the Blog Weekend Bootcamp. Let's keep in touch. :)

  4. Really enjoyed, Maam Janette. Thanks for the inspiring and helpful inputs.
    Yes, let's keep in touch, please. Cheers! Padayon!

  5. Let's see each other again on the next Davao Bloggers event Louie.

  6. yes, francis. until the next bloggers events! cheers!


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