Talakudong Festival in the City of Goodwill - Tacurong City

I squeezed in to get through the thick crowd gathered near the landmark roundabout. I can hear the noise of the drums and the chorused thumping of feet from the other side of the street. What could be in there?

Migratory birds on parade? Tacurong City after all is becoming known for its 1.7 hectare Bird Sanctuary in Baras Village, temporary home of some 20, 000 visiting birds of various species.
Marching soldiers holding the birds? Just kidding.

It was my first time to witness Talakudong Festival in Tacurong City though i'm just 40 minutes away from what is also known as the City of Goodwill (...and exotic birds). After managing to get through the rallying crowd and surviving temporary exposure to odors of sun-drenched bodily excretions I think I liked what I saw - flooding vibrant colors and uniformly maintained smiles of the street dancers and festival joiners.

The rest of the time I have my right index finger comfortably stuck on the shutter button and my eyes on the view finder of my main gear. Below are some of the products of my shutter play:

A riot of colors

Thumping fun in the streets

Salakot of Jubilation

Twistin' and grindin' in colors 
Talakudong is a Maguindanaoan term for the traditional hat (salakot) usually woven out of pandan  (pandanus odoratissimus L) leaves. A talakudong could be an artist’s canvass as shown by how it was used by the street performers during the festival.


Oh, eM, Gee! 
More fun in the vibrant city of Goodwill
The city's bubbly tourism officer Ms. Emy Jamorabon said that the wearing of talakudong is not only identified to a single group. It is in fact worn by people of different cultural and religious background that inhabit this city. Ilongo and Ilocano comprise majority of the dominant Christian population. Maguindanaon is the same for the Muslims so as with the B’laan, Tboli and Tiduray for the indigenous tribes.

waiting in vain?

praying for the sun to mellow down

"on duty"
The week-long festival which culminates every 18th of September marks the celebration of the founding anniversary of the cityhood of Tacurong which is now on its 12th year.

Watching closely the performances of the street dancers and listening to the different narratives, one would learn of the significant segments of history of Tacurong City.

Fierce. Jubilant.

Girl Power for the crown!

Hoppin' Fun in Tacurong City
Tacurong used to be just a village of Buluan town in the former Cotabato Empire. The Empire used to be the biggest province in the Island of Mindanao until it was divided into four provinces now collectively known as Central Mindanao or Region 12. The region covers the Provinces of North and South Cotabato, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat and the cities of Tacurong, General Santos, Koronadal and Cotabato.

waving flags

Dots. Colors. 
The Queen and the Princess
Tacurong City is indeed a force to reckon with in local tourism as it moves fast forward positioning itself as one of the key tourists destinations and business-friendly local government units in Sox region. []

How to get there: Tacurong City can be reached via Makilala-Tacurong Highway from Davao City and via GenSan - Koronadal Highway from General Santos City.
Both Davao City and General Santos City are home to international airports.
Buses and public utility vans are the major means of public transportation to Tacurong City.

For the Talakudong Festival Schedule this year, click HERE

My photo entry to the Igpat sang Kamera Photo contest during the previous year's Festival won 2nd place in Festival Category. My entry title was Big Bites of Goodwill and Jubilation. See Photo HERE.


  1. THank you for taking time to see Talakudong festival Louie. Your photos of th festival are just as outstanding as this post! Balik balik gid!

    1. Thank you, sir.
      Saya! good job for the people of Tacurong, the LGU and the organizers.

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  3. thank you, ms Olive Carmella!
    padayon pud sa pag blog!

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