Takladtamig! Mountaineering with a Heart

[Updated: April 22, 2014]

Taklad Ta Mig? This is an invitation to join a unique mountaineering experience. Only two things are required for the joiners: you should be physically fit and should have a kind heart.

Takladtamig is an inviting statement which originates from three Hiligaynon words: Taklad, meaning to climb; Ta, meaning us or we, and; Mig, short for amigo or friend. Thus, the event title which literally means inviting a friend to climb. This is our way of giving back to nature and the people. There is more that we can do so we try to become more than just mountaineers. Hence, our mountain mission to "Grow a Tree, Lend a Hand, Be Amazed" which speaks of the event's environmental, outreach and tourism components.

Takladtamig Diyes in Partnership with Mindanao Tourism Council

Takladtamig Seis from last year 
Back in mid of 2012, we formed the group called the Friends of Holon and Melibingoy (FHM), a group of independent and solo mountaineers from South Cotabato, South Central Mindanao, Philippines, to organize Takladtamig and to give life to the intention of making Lake Holon and Mt. Melibingoy known as a prime trekking destination while promoting its conservation and reaching out to the communities.

Summary of the Takladtamig Part 1 via Tbolok trail last June
Blogged Takladtamigs:
Takladtamig Cinco: Valentines Outreach Climb
Takladtamig Siete: Seven Times the Mountain Love
Takladtamig Siete Highlights in Photos

The Lake as viewed from the Melibingoy summit!

Starting the Takladtamig
The first Takladtamig was an exploratory activity that came out after several brainstorming sessions of mountain buddies. Fellow independent mountaineer Julz was one with me with the idea of organizing a climb beyond the usual “trek-up-camp-trek-down” routine. We lack resources but believed we can do something by tapping our networks. From scratch Takladtamig, the term suggested by group senior, Sir Raul, was born. John Jay became our lay out artist, and Stella, the only woman, and Sir Ronnie became our lead co-organizer.

During the Takladtamig Part 1 last June 8-10, 2012, we trekked to the peak of the Mt Melibingoy (a.k.a Mt. Parker at 1756 meters above sea level) after giving smiles to the 150 school children and 5 teachers in primary and nursery schools in Tbolok Village, Tboli, South Cotabato thru the basic school supplies. We also planted 50 bamboo seedlings along the riverbank of Tbolok and Gao rivers with the partnership of the Provincial Environment Office of South Cotabato and the Barangay Officials.

Lake shore campsite at night
The first Takladtamig gathered 45 climbers from all over the country. Most of them were strangers to us before the climb but later became our friends. Then came Takladtamig Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco and now Diyes. We lost count of the number of trees and the smiling children we met during our outreach treks.

As of April 22, 2014, we are gearing for Takladtamig Diyes (10) slated on May 10-11, 2014. Destination community will be in Sitio Kule, Barangay Salacafe, one of the nearest communities to Lake Holon.

Diyes is in Partnership with Mindanao Tourism Council (MinTC) who will bring in medical supplies for the community. MinTC team will be joined by travel bloggers, tour operators and environmental warriors.

We will be giving away Tsinelas (slippers) to the 200 school children of the host village. We will still plant trees in coordination with the locals who will tend to the plants after we leave.

We’re doing it again! We’re excited to invite you to join us in "our" advocacy. We share the name FHM to all outdoor people who believe in the need to protect the mystic dormant volcano, and are one with us in our sharing advocacy.

So, Let’s go! Join our more-than-the-usual outdoor event. Let's do mountaineering with a heart. :)

The children of Sitio Nabol, Salacafe (photo taken with permission from their parents)

A silent greeting to passing visitors  

Not safe! The view  of the landslide area from the ridge (halok sa bato deck).
According to latest reports from fellow mountaineers this portion  gave in after heavy rains last month. 
Please Check the Poster above for the event details. 
You may also visit the official Takladtamig (FHM) FB page for updates and more Photos of the site and the previous events.
Sample map of the previous treks to Lake Holon. For Takladtamig Diyes we will take the new Kule trail.
Map extracted and updated by John Jay Fajanel of FHM

How to get to Tboli:
From General Santos City, Tboli is just 1.5 hour away by private ride or barely 2 hours by public ride.
If you are coming from Davao Area, it will take you around 3.5 hours to Gen.Santos City.
Buses and utility vans are available for those who will take the public transportation.

Travel Time and Transpo Fare:
Davao City to Gen.Santos City - est 3.5 hours - P270.00
Gen.Santos City to Koronadal City – est. 55 minutes – Php 97.00 by bus, P75 by van
Koronadal City to Tboli – est. 45 minutes – Php 70.00 by van


  1. "mountianeering event with a heart" ~I like it! ^_^

  2. kinda like it..so sad we miss the event...a big congratulation to u Louie...

  3. next time, ma'am eve. invite pud mu sa inyong event dha maam ha, pls. who knows pwede pud kmi. hehe. salamat. cheers!

  4. keep it up guys..

  5. I am looking forward to explore this side of Mindanao too. :) been dreaming of coming here... Soon. :)

    1. the mountains and villages here are waiting for you, sir Olan. :)
      See you around. cheers!


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